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Thursday, March 1, 2012

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Mad Nanna I Hit A Wall 7″ (Quemada)
Mad Nanna is one of the few Australian acts with a handful of 7″s that I’ve yet to previously experience, so this I Hit A Wall single arrived just in time. It’s pretty much what I was expecting – barely functional guitar-strumming duct-taped to drums that sound like they’re slowly disintegrating as the song progresses (although “progresses” is probably the wrong verb for a song like “I Hit A Wall”). Rather, the a-side plugs away like a malnourished Swell Maps, groggy and annoyed. The untitled b-side moves faster, but it’s equally unpolished, telling a serious story that is just slightly too muffled to parse. I was expecting a real bare-bones, shambolic DIY thing, and I certainly got it. I find myself just as likely to hate something like Mad Nanna as much as like it – maybe it’s the killer nonsense artwork that’s all over the cover and center stickers, or just the combined vibe of both tracks, but I can truly say I’m on board with the Mad Nanna mission. Hoping to figure out what other 7″ or two are the essential ones, and that I don’t have to delve into the sad world of CDrs to properly sustain my fix.

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