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Friday, June 22, 2012

Bitch Prefect lp

just came in

Bitch Prefect are a pop group, three years old and they’ve learnt how to walk. The singers are complaining, the guitars are rhyming and the backbeat is on the dance floor. Two minute songs that speak the truth – you’ve heard it before and you need to hear it again. Don’t call it Melbourne lethargy, this is Adelaide desperation. The product is uncut. The LP is Big Time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Whores - mob reality 7" (RIP026)
I wanted to come up with a heaps sick little blurb for the debut 7" by Sydney's Whores but I spent the last week dealing with sewerage issues in house and getting sick due to these issues so my brain is dead. Something along the lines of.... they've consistently been one of the best, most intense live bands I've seen over the last few years.... they really sum up the often ugly, hostile atmosphere of Sydney.... although they don't really sound that much like feedtime or Venom P Stinger I reckon they're taking the same devolutionary path... Recorded by Andrew "Cured Pink" McLellan.... "brutal"(do people still say that?).... something about sounding like a "before the quarrel" era Cro-Mags sharing a practice space with the Electric Eels.... Excellent record, make thy purchase once available...
Ruined Fortune - bulls eye 7" (RIP027) - angie from circle pit playing with nic from rip society/bed wetting bad boys, closer to earlier circle pit then their recent foray into jesus and mary chain territory
Meat Thump - box of wine 7" (NGL038)
brendon from neg guest list/white cop along with matt/kitchens floor and jimi/slug guts devolve the white cop sound 
Mad Macka - adidas tracksuit 7" (SH-04)
guitarist from onya's and cosmic psycho's strikes out on his own, gtr sounds are distinctly his.  upcoming appearance at gonerfest

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

BOSMC lp cut sleeves

one that i had forgotten, coming very soon, here's a link to a few songs

Monday, June 4, 2012

New Stuff

A ton of new stuff is on the way. NGL,rip society and a bunch of self produced. probably forgetting someone, but it's alot of stuff.

Mad Macka - adidas tracksuit 7" (SH-04)
Meat Thump - box of wine 7" (NGL038)
Whores - mob reality 7" (RIP026)
Ruined Fortune - bulls eye 7" (RIP027) just arrived