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Monday, December 26, 2011

Woollen Kits

What: Woollen Kits by Woollen Kits.
When: January 16 through R.I.P Society/FUSE.
Key notes: Debut album for the Melbourne-based garage trio, which features joint vocals by guitarist Thomas Hardisty and drummer Tom Ridgewell. Follows a clutch of 7” releases including ‘Teenage Love’ (2009) and this year’s ‘Maths’, which we described as “their best song yet”. Produced by Lachlan Wooden at Magnetic West in Brunswick West, making it the only garage rock LP in Melbourne not recorded by Mikey Young or Jack Farley.
From the presser: “This isn’t an episode of *Happy Days, Woollen Kit’s debut LP is believable in its honesty with an earnest sentiment similar to Television Personalities and The Modern Lovers.”
For You
Be Your Friend
University Narcolepsy
Out of Wack
In Between
I Love You
Watch You Walk
Listen to ‘Always’:
Woollen Kits - Always by R.I.P SOCIETY RECORDS

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day!!!

just in time for post xmas shopping and shipping,new records have arrived from RIP Society Woolen Kits S/t lp and Royal Headache S/T lp repress, and from bedroom suck Loose Grip - Cereal 7"

Thursday, December 15, 2011

wire magazine

there's a great piece on the brisbane scene written by daniel spencer (of blank realm) in the new issue if you get a chance to pick it up.  NGL also gets some mention in another column, and i can't remember but there might be some reviews in byrons column

Friday, December 9, 2011

rip society update

just so that everyone knows, royal headache is sold out!!!!  repress will be coming in the new year along with the woolen kits lp

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Stuff In and more on the way

From NGL records
Watery Love - Two Thrills - 7"
Lost Domain - Drunken Sailor - 7"
Blank Realm - Falling Down the Stairs - 7"
3 Toed Sloth - Jukebox Single #2
Axemen - Nutsack - 7"

and from Richie records
Taco Leg - Printed Gold - 7"

Recently got some Drunk Elks lp's from Wormwood Grasshopper, which went quick to goner and permanent records, but will have more of their next release, Hammering the Cramps lp, shortly.  Then look out for Sky Needle.

Friday, December 2, 2011

great deaf wish review

Deaf Wish- S/T 

written by  

I am a domestic dad with little bastards running through my house (six, as of one hour ago) at high speed ignoring my every command, smearing shit on the couch, torturing the dog and throwing things at my head. "I didn't mean it," is the mantra, and I wonder at the glories of the 1930s father, certain of his position, Scotch in hand, belt in the other, ruling his castle with the confidence of a man who knows his kingdom.  I know the  part of the sunken couch that I slink to when the wave passes and the video games go back on and the walls stop shaking and my bugged out eyes seek solace in a long draft beer and some Gene Clark.

So let's just say noise rock don't fit the current aesthetic, or paradigm, or pick your noun with the general meaning of model and give me a fucking break- I still own that Scratch Acid record, pull out the Laughing Hyenas late night, and find Pissed Jeans one of the three best bands of the last five years. Just don't ask me to pull out Wolf Eyes when you arrive at midnight on your bi-annual trip down wild hair lane- chances are, I'm passed out on the couch with Gram Parsons on repeat. But shiver me frayed nerve timbers, this Deaf Wish record, another Aussie missile in that island continent/nation's insidious attempt to rule our humble shores, is one effective drone.  I do believe I like every song on it, and it ain't exactly Singles Going Steady.  Screeching and pleading and fuzzing and, well, it's very noisy but you can sing along. Sort of. This shit just screams 1988-1992, if that means anything to anyone.  You could almost call it Texas acid-damaged emo if you had no shame, which I don't, so there you go.  The songs work, OK? Aristotelian catharsis is at hand. Just be glad you're not him, if you know what I mean. Now somebody tell me where I can find their other records so I can ignore the little bastards' next wave of madness.