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Thursday, March 29, 2012

review from rettman

SCRAPS – Secret Paradise (Disembraining, 7”)
That Scraps LP from last year certainly won my ‘Best Record Title’ for ’11 award (Classic Shits) but I didn’t really find myself listening to it more than once or twice. And that’s not to say it was lousy or anything; it just failed to register in my barely pumping brain. But this three songer from the lady from Brisbane is having the opposite effect on me; it’s registering out the wazoo! Those unfortunate enough to return to my house after a night of carousing will know I have a great fondness for the first two singles by Thick Pigeon and Ms. Scraps (Laura Hill if you’re nasty) seems to have nailed down the pristine, creepy electro feel of those tiny little discs on this single, for sure. I could assuredly see this 45 being lined up after a sauced jamming of Subway or Dog the next time I come home from a liver damaging session. Max Milgram: you have been warned. - TR

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