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Thursday, June 30, 2011

R.I.P. Society

two new 7"s in Bed Wetting Bad Boys and Woolen Kits

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


got the painkillers in
     Acoustic guitar and drums might seem like a limiting set-up. But Perth duo The Painkillers coax so much out of it – from garage and country to blues and early rock. Passing references to those genres are dispensed as offhandedly as frontman Joe Bludge’s lyrics about women, drink, and other mixed blessings in life. The rock pedigree of drummer James Baker, meanwhile, has long been off the charts: his past bands include The Victims, The Scientists, The Hoodoo Gurus, Beasts of Bourbon, and The Dubrovniks. He falls committedly into step with Bludge’s cautionary rambles, four of which he co-wrote on this punchy third album.

cd only

Friday, June 24, 2011

some new reviews from vice
The R.I.P Society label out of Sydney just doesn’t know when to stop when it comes to putting out boss ass vinyl. The last batch of shit I got from them included the more or less perfect Bitch Prefect 7”, which I enjoy quite thoroughly, thank you very much. I’m guessing the, uh… lilt of this single might be too much for some of you tough guys out there, but if you’re the type who wished those Sarah bands were a bit more inept and downed-out, this might be your type of thing.
Then we also have the debut LP from Perth’s Golden Staph, whose femme-fronted squall and sprawl reminds me of the early 80s LA band Mood of Defiance sent forward in time to be influenced by Goner Records alumni and other assorted sunglass wearers. But hey… that could just be the way the afternoon beer is hitting me. Next up on R.I.P Society is stuff from Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys and Woolen Hats, so sit tight and put on your best bib for their arrival.

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: RETTSOUNDS - NOT ALL CHRISTIAN MUSIC SUCKS - Viceland Today
And coming in just in time to soundtrack your summertime shenanigans is Separation Anxiety, the debut long player from that Aussie dumbo rock super group, Divorced. These days it’s very rare to get an ear load of a band with a genuine stupid-and-drunk-and-I-don’t-give-a-shit vibe that doesn’t come off like a bunch of closet ascot donners, but these guys nailed it. They play in such an honest fashion it would make Dick Manitoba, Peter ‘Dirty’ Jones, and maybe even Steve Corbin proud and green with envy. Recycled riffs from their countrymen, songs about pissing on couches and wanting to be dead, horribly awesome cover art… it’s all there. All you need is a case of Shlitz and this disc and your party is ON!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

gonerfest 8

It's Going Down September 22-25th, 2011 in Memphis, TN!

w/ Alarm Clocks, Icky Boyfriends, Ty Segall, Royal Headache, Black Sunday, Kitchen's Floor, Deaf Wish, Brides, Straight Arrows + Tons More To Be Announced Soon!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

rip society

vinyls are in for new bed wetting bad boys and woolen kits 7"s waiting on some stuff, but do out very soon

Sunday, June 12, 2011


i thought it was still on the list, got some more copies of the 7"

here's another take on it from Byron Coley;
‎"Great debut single by an excellent Brisbane duo. The sounds range from toasted acoustic tunes to raunchy, effects driven riff-rock of a very shabby nature. their vocals sound drunk as hell, alternately filled with snot and utterly lost. The songs have enough pop structure to hold together, and the results are goddamn inspired."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

new stuff in

 in case you didn't notice, there is a bunch of stuff in with more on the way,

slug guts - livin' evil (live lp from NGL)(out of stock, try goner)
kitchen's Floor - too dead to notice (live cassette from NGL) (out of stock)
 hatefuck - 7" (NGL)
lakes - winters blade lp (inverted crux)
Divorced - Separation Anxieties - LP(Untapped Resources)
are all just here, and i'm expecting new 7"s from rip society any time

Friday, June 3, 2011

another new one

looks like someone made the list

Wonderfuls – s/t 7” EP (Negative Guest List)

Drug rock, right down to the syringe scars on the arm depicted on the front sleeve. Attempts a Royal Trux/Pink Reason sort of addict realness/coolness but misses by a lot, probably due to competent leans on the guitar underneath all those effects pedals. There’s a sad story behind this record (and it came all the way from Australia), but to use it to sell music is kind of creepy. I’m awaiting punishment from the Negative Guest List in their next issue but there isn’t much here to recommend. (
(Doug Mosurock)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some new reviews

Lakes is a new album that is on it's way to me now.  All these reviews are from

Naked On The Vague Abstract Figures 7″ (R.I.P. Society)

This “full band” Naked On The Vague hasn’t moved me like their earliest records did, but after catching it live (good show), and spinning this new single a few times, they seem to be coming into their own a bit (or I am just finally opening up to the idea). “Abstract Figures” isn’t ’90s Alternative in the way that Heaps Of Nothing was, this is bleak and moody death-rock that plucks the petals off black roses faster than you can say “Bauhaus”. Very cool tune, it’s like what I wish Effi Briest sounded like. Same goes for “Reflections of Strangeness”, soaked in a Cocteau Twins bath and left to dry in Ian Curtis’ unmade bed. Both tracks just seem like a much more comfortable band than I was getting used to, settling into a very specific sound but throwing it down effortlessly. I’m not one to celebrate bands who “mature”, but this single is nearly enough to change my stance. Nicely done.

Lakes Winters Blade LP (Inverted Crux)

As an American, sometimes peering into the Australian underground is like looking into a mirror that displays a slightly cooler version of yourself. Up until this point, I didn’t think that Cult Of Youth’s vibe had any representation down under, but now we’ve got Lakes, the sigil-worshiping, crux-inverting, Death In June-ing occult rock group. Corny in their exact specificity, perhaps, but Lakes ain’t half bad - the drums are big and round, and the guitars never as Ren-Faire as Cult Of Youth often get, leading to a nice set of funeral seances that refuses to wither in the sun. The vocalist is a little off-putting at first, as he’s clearly trying to sing in a register deeper than his chest cavity can provide, but I got used to it halfway into the first side and enjoyed Winters Blade through its finish. Could’ve just been a pile of bones, but these come with sacred potential.

Knife Fight Hobbies 7″ (Aarght!)

Second Knife Fight to be reviewed within YGR, and while this flailing garage-punk band is pretty sweet, my loyalty still remains to the American hardcore group of the same name (they’re like a Thanksgiving dinner compared to the junk food and soda of Hobbies). Hobbies kind of sounds like one of those crazy French garage bands, like Cheveu before they got talent, or the Cheeraks, or some other disposable-yet-cool band whose 7″ you keep putting in the sell pile but never get rid of. There’s essentially zero bass on these four songs, yet it’s still a loud record at any volume, resulting in an appropriately self-conscious listening experience while my neighbors are home. Definitely reminds me of where this whole scene was like three years ago, not where it’s at now (which makes sense as this was recorded in 2008), but while flame-broiled garage-core was never the coolest thing around, a band like Knife Fight never really goes out of style, either.

Boomgates Layman’s Terms / Nothing 7″ (SmartGuy)

Nice to see another Boomgates single, as their debut was an adorable pinch of indie-pop that’s still sticking with me. “Layman’s Terms” sounds good from the start, a sort of mid-period Pavement groove with Brendan Suppression (or is he Brendan Boomgate?) waxing poetic about something romantic, eventually joined by Steph Hughes’ comforting voice, windows open and Ray-Bans on. I’d expect a title like “Nothing” to be at least mildly pessimistic, and while it may be the least happy Boomgates song I’ve heard, it’s still a friendly handshake of an indie tune, strutting with a cool beat and Brendan’s spoken vocals. Reminds of something Eddy Current would’ve done on Rush To Relax, really, as there’s a manic guitar freakout toward the end, and the general pulse of the tune plays out in classic Eddy Current fashion. It’s hard not to hear echoes of Eddy Current in Brendan’s voice no matter what he’s doing, but let’s face it, I am yet to hear any Eddy Current influence I haven’t enjoyed. Maybe this single’s not as strong as the Boomgates debut overall, but it’s an enjoyable follow-up to be sure. It’s a rule that after two vinyl releases, your Australian punk band has to book a tour of the United States, right? It’s about that time…