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Monday, February 28, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Believe it or not, I know an Australian guy named Bruce and he was kind enough to send me a hell of a large satchel of goods to talk about here on Rettsounds. This Bruce guy is the man responsible for the Easter Bilby distribution ring down south that’s turned on many an ugly USA type to the skuzzy, aural beauty coming out of Australia as of late. The whole recent stampede of greatness coming from that country has really turned my head around and made me a born again record monger foaming and frothing for the newest and greatest shit from that overgrown insane asylum. Trying to nail down all this stuff from the asshole know-it-all perspective can be a real toughy. Just when you think you’re caught up, some out-of-nowhere ass wallop comes out of nowhere to both humble and make you gooey in the salamander with wide-eared glee. My suggestion is just let go of your shallow nerd boy “Where do I start?” paranoia and just dive the fuck in. It seems no matter where you start, finish, or begin, everything coming from the Land Down Under is the boobies.

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: RETTSOUNDS - THE SCENE DOWN UNDER - Viceland Today

just for the record, i'm not australian and i don't work at goner, two most common misconceptions

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

got some new stuff, more copes of golden boys scorpion stomp lp as well as james arthur manttt 7", hits lp and split 7" with demi dero, texas tea lp, and undead apes lp. waiting for covers on a couple other things