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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Low Life - Dogging lp

Sold out, goner and fls dying got the last wholesale batches, so you could try them.

I think Low Life’s Dogging was promised back in 2012 but incurred some setbacks - I’m sure a large part of it was the passing of Brendon Annesley, whose Negative Guest List label was to release it originally - but it’s finally arrived two years later, brought to you jointly by R.I.P. Society and Disinfect Records. The record, dedicated wholly to Annesley, is biting, dark, and often self-flagellating, outdoing the punks and besting brainless revivalist goth acts in under half an hour. The A-side picks up where the great Sydney Darbs 7” (buy it) left off, keeping things taut and plenty aggressive: the nasty “Speed Ball” feeds right into “Down at the Dogs,” the latter folding in on itself to scream “YOU FUCKIN’ DOG!” before tearing back into form. The B-side starts with the scathing “DNA” and then things begin to slowly stretch out, beginning with the tense, sprawling “Dream Machine” followed by the almost wistful “Emmie.” The change-up works to the band’s advantage, swapping driving rhythms for heavy textures to keep things fresh, in turn allowing the acerbic closer “Friends” to hit twice as hard as it would otherwise. It’s a bonus that everything sounds great on here, undoubtedly a byproduct of the album’s extended gestation time. Dogging was every bit worth the wait, a provocative diatribe against sickening aspects of modern society that get swept under the rug. My favorite record to come out of Australia so far this year.
Americans can buy the LP from Bruce at Easter Bilby Distro. You can also find the other two recent R.I.P. Society releases (LPs by M.O.B. and Rat Columns) and many other recent Aussie records in there as well.

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