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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Angie review

Angie “Stars and Dust” from Turning (2013)

Turning is the almost aggressively sullen debut LP from Angie, better known as Angela Bermuda from Circle Pit, Ruined Fortune, Southern Comfort, and probably a few more. Who can keep up these days? Angie picks up where those excellent Ruined Fortune and Southern Comfort 7”s left off with this dead-eyed stare of a record, erasing any ebullience in favor of half-speed rockers that’ll sit well next to your copy of Yer Last Record or 11:11. “Shared Futures” limps toward the miserable idea of its title, “Missing Out” sorta sounds like the UV Race’s “Memenonome” except unable to get out of bed, and “A Certain Friend” is plain devastating. “Shadow Twin” and the motorized "Parallels" pick up the tempo but Angie’s vocals never leave the tarmac. I’d be lying if the change in seasons didn’t affect me in any way, and Angie’s LP is perfectly timed to coincide with this widespread not-so-phenomenal phenomenon. Those unaffected by something that happens with regularity every year shouldn’t shrug this one off, though: there’s enough riffs and repetition to get lost in on this record, and a ton of standout guitar leads (such as the chilling one starting at 1:13 in “Stars and Dust” above) to navigate you through the murk. It’s unclear to me if this is Angie putting a particularly turbulent episode of her life to rest or not - it sure sounds like it! - but it’s a helluva way to work through a dark time. This here’s one o’ the best records to come out in recent memory.

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