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Thursday, February 16, 2012

terminal boredom

there are some new reviews and year end lists up, here's one i grabbed, for purely self serving reasons

Lower Plenty "Mean" cassette
Acoustic Australian ensemble featuring members of Deaf Wish, UV Race and other less well known acts. Operating on the same emotionally fragile and haunted ground that the the first Dutchess & Duke LP traipsed upon, these ten tracks dissect painful relationships and difficult times for the most part. Compostions are construced very well: multiple acoustic guitars, minimal and creative percussion (slight drums, maracas, wind chimes, bongos, bells and just about anything else...) and some very pretty and very sad vocal harmonies. The vocals themselves are split three ways (two male, one female), I'm assuming whoever wrote the song sings it, and they all resonate rather well. The girl's songs might have a little more hope in their expression, the guys' have a bit more worldbeaten/downtrodden feel. A little K Records at times, a little New Zealandy at others, it's dreary music for recalling grey days done rather skillfully. Look out for vinyl on Easter Bilby records in the '12, you know it's quality if it gets the Saltmarsh seal of approval.. 100 copies.(RK)
(Radio Records //

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