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Monday, December 26, 2011

Woollen Kits

What: Woollen Kits by Woollen Kits.
When: January 16 through R.I.P Society/FUSE.
Key notes: Debut album for the Melbourne-based garage trio, which features joint vocals by guitarist Thomas Hardisty and drummer Tom Ridgewell. Follows a clutch of 7” releases including ‘Teenage Love’ (2009) and this year’s ‘Maths’, which we described as “their best song yet”. Produced by Lachlan Wooden at Magnetic West in Brunswick West, making it the only garage rock LP in Melbourne not recorded by Mikey Young or Jack Farley.
From the presser: “This isn’t an episode of *Happy Days, Woollen Kit’s debut LP is believable in its honesty with an earnest sentiment similar to Television Personalities and The Modern Lovers.”
For You
Be Your Friend
University Narcolepsy
Out of Wack
In Between
I Love You
Watch You Walk
Listen to ‘Always’:
Woollen Kits - Always by R.I.P SOCIETY RECORDS

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