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Friday, August 19, 2011

Logjammers - s/t 7"

just got in some copies of this from no patience records

logjammers - s/t 7"

Named after the porno in The Big Lebowski - this shortlived bunch of Brisbane guys and gals got together at the start of 2010 to put a hardcore tilt on the Australian murder-punk sound. Taking influence from the PSYCHO SURGEONS, BABEEZ, and the SICK THINGS but injecting a hefty dose of noize and idiocy, this is truly the sound of irritation. 3 tracks of noisy catchy Australian punk. Equal parts addictive and annoying. Play loud and throw things. If you dig groups like the UV RACE and EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING this is the most noisy and retarded output from that school of thought. Mixed and mastered by Mikey Young from EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING, TOTAL CONTROL and THE OOGA BOOGAS. This will appeal as much to fans of garage punk as it will those who dig noize punk in the vein of WANKYS or CONFUSE etc.

7" review from

Here we go, The Logjammers. They are Australian, title their songs numerically (”Hit 1″, “Hit 2″ and “Hit 3″ comprise this single), and arrive with no artistic aspirations - that’s really all I know about this excellent group. “Hit 1″ starts off like Confuse or Gudon or some other ear-bleeding Japanese noise-punk band, but then it settles into some sort of fiendish groove that crosses paths with Killdozer, Pillow Talk and the aforementioned Japanese noisers. Not a bad start! “Hit 2″ pogos like a revved-up Lamps (as interpreted by developmentally-challenged schoolchildren), and “Hit 3″ actually kinda grooves a little, if you can excuse the singer’s emotional breakdown and the guitarist’s compulsion to solo at the end of every riff. From the looks of things, I was expecting a stupid record, but I got the punkest, ugliest sort of stupid I ever could’ve wanted. Think I’m gonna jam another log right now.'

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