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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

new from NGL

The NGL onslaught continues, aussie issue of unholy 2 lp and wings over gabba, a compilation lp just arrived.

UNHOLY 2 - $$kum of the Earth LP (NGL013)

One hundred copies exist of the Australian pressing of Unholy 2's 2010 hard-rock hit, '$$kum of the Earth'. You already know and love the tunes here: "Sick Fuck", "Sullivan Killed Benoit" and "Do the Horsecock", to name but three. There's a bonus track and alternate screened artwork for those of you who own the "OG" and want to upgrade. Is the Australian public ready for 'Skum..', sure to remind them subconsciously of their criminal ancestry of rape, murder & thievery? Well, it's too late now... at least I left half the press in the States.

Wings Over Gabba(best of Songs of Negativity) is pretty self explanatory, the best songs that came off of the occasional cd that came with Negative Guest List.
side one: mordecai- king of infinate space, meathump - wynnummanly seagulls feathered, sewers - lineage, blank realm - burgers in out midst, kitchen's floor - needs
side two: jaguar - my only friend, future blones - feed time, butcher cover - detention centre, hatefuck - well dressed man, rubbish throwers - whitewashed, bits of shit - patrol

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